Friday, September 23, 2011

Massages are a MUST!

                Increased circulation to the scalp can really do miracles for your thinning hair. I personally have had a really long love-hate journey with my hair. Growing up I had gorgeous commercial worthy hair and then what seemed like over night, it started to fall out at an alarming rate. I am however determined to reverse this (as much as possible)! I really do believe that a person needs to pay attention to their bodies and their surroundings in order to figure out what affects them.
               Personally, a lot of things stress me out, and most times I dont even realize I am tense. However my hair is EXTRA sensitive to stress and it WILL let me know. I'm sure many of you can relate to this - when you see your hair falling out, its harder to then tell yourself to not stress out about it - don't play that game anymore. This is how massages can be essential because they make you feel SOOO much better! and the effects definitely linger long after which is the bigger payoff.  I dont mean go out and purchase a $500 laser comb (although I will admit I seriously considered this). You can give yourself a mini massage just about any where and any time you find convenient. Sometimes when Im on the phone - Ill lay on my back and hang my head towards the edge of the bed and you really can almost feel the blood rushing down. Just dont do this too long or suddenly get up. I usually do it for a minute, rest, and maybe repeat a few times. I may do this before I go to bed, or when I wake up in the morning - just any time that you find convenient. I also run my nails (gently) on my scalp till I feel a slight tingling sensation. Press your head, move the scalp, anything to get the blood flow going. You can do this simultaneouly when your head is tilted down, or any time you feel tense and want to relax. Or if you're feeling extra fancy - give yourself a hot oil massage using similar techniques.
                 Some people will recommend that you need to be vigorous. I say start simple and gentle, and once your hair starts to gain strength and nourishment - then you can be a little more carefree.
                 The main idea is to focus on what youre doing: Don't sit there and make it a chore while you stress about work. Even if you may not like you hair and find it pityfully thin - treat it like the hair you want and love! You will definitely see a huge difference over time.

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