Friday, September 23, 2011

Massages are a MUST!

                Increased circulation to the scalp can really do miracles for your thinning hair. I personally have had a really long love-hate journey with my hair. Growing up I had gorgeous commercial worthy hair and then what seemed like over night, it started to fall out at an alarming rate. I am however determined to reverse this (as much as possible)! I really do believe that a person needs to pay attention to their bodies and their surroundings in order to figure out what affects them.
               Personally, a lot of things stress me out, and most times I dont even realize I am tense. However my hair is EXTRA sensitive to stress and it WILL let me know. I'm sure many of you can relate to this - when you see your hair falling out, its harder to then tell yourself to not stress out about it - don't play that game anymore. This is how massages can be essential because they make you feel SOOO much better! and the effects definitely linger long after which is the bigger payoff.  I dont mean go out and purchase a $500 laser comb (although I will admit I seriously considered this). You can give yourself a mini massage just about any where and any time you find convenient. Sometimes when Im on the phone - Ill lay on my back and hang my head towards the edge of the bed and you really can almost feel the blood rushing down. Just dont do this too long or suddenly get up. I usually do it for a minute, rest, and maybe repeat a few times. I may do this before I go to bed, or when I wake up in the morning - just any time that you find convenient. I also run my nails (gently) on my scalp till I feel a slight tingling sensation. Press your head, move the scalp, anything to get the blood flow going. You can do this simultaneouly when your head is tilted down, or any time you feel tense and want to relax. Or if you're feeling extra fancy - give yourself a hot oil massage using similar techniques.
                 Some people will recommend that you need to be vigorous. I say start simple and gentle, and once your hair starts to gain strength and nourishment - then you can be a little more carefree.
                 The main idea is to focus on what youre doing: Don't sit there and make it a chore while you stress about work. Even if you may not like you hair and find it pityfully thin - treat it like the hair you want and love! You will definitely see a huge difference over time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Must-haves for the Gal with Thin hair

Im all about helping my hair the natural way! However until it gets back to the point where Im satifsied - here is a list of my favorite products that will help you feel and look your best. I recommend not using them too often, but for summer weddings or fun date nights they definitely come in handy.

(If I know I am going to a special event I try and give myself a hot oil hair treatment the night before. However If I am pressed for time or just lazy..the following will still get you lots of compliments)

1) If you want volume then hot rollers are going to be your best friend. They really lift and add loads of body. I currently have Conair Super Jumbo hot rollers and they seem to work just fine. It contains 12 rollers and it comes in two sizes: jumbo and super jumbo. If you have very short hair this may not work for you so I would recommend some variety with the sizes. Larger rollers give you more lift and volume whereas the smaller ones give you more curl. You can find a lot of great videos on youtube if you are unsure how to use hot rollers.

2) Rootlifters are a MUST! Sally Hersherger Supreme Lift Normal to Thin hair.
This stuff is AHHH-MAZING!!! I cant even describe how MUCH volume you'll get from using this product. Side story: First time I used this I thought the more the better and like most things it may not even work. So I went in for overkill and was on my way to a wedding..What a big mistake! If there was such a thing as too much volume thats the problem I had. Unmanageable volume! So now I use this more as a root lifter and spray close to the scalp on the areas that need a boost. It has a slight hold to it as well so I would be cautious if you plan on using it with hairspray. You can get it at Walgreens or Ulta. My ONLY downside to the Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift is that it makes my hair look a bit dull. But at times when I want to straighten my hair this really amps up the volume!

3) Thickening Serum - Redken Thickening Lotion 06
Loveeee this product! I rarely travel without it. It not only gives you volume at the roots but makes hair feel thicker. It is a sticky serum-like substance and when you apply it to wet hair it tends to coat the hair (not in a gross waxy way) and remains feeling thicker. You only need a dime size amount to achieve good results. Start at the roots and whatever products is left on your hands just simply run it through your hair. Use this with Sally Hershberger rootlifter and you MAY complain of too much volume...if there was such a thing! 

4) Mane N' Tail Conditioner
Yes yes I know the label says its for animals...BUT, this really might be my all time favorite conditioner. It makes my hair SUPER shiny and very very soft! I've heard that not everyone has good results from this because it really depends on your hair type but if you can afford to try it out - I definitely think its worth a shot. If all else fails, you can save it for your pet. 

5) Nioxin Cleansing System
Check out their website and go through the survey to figure out what "System" you would need. I was a number 2 and went ahead and purchased the shampoo, conditioner and scalp therapy. I thought the scalp therapy was kinda...garbage.  Its makes your hair really stiff - so its not like you can run it through your hair and out the door. I felt like the shampoo did a pretty good job...its just a bit pricey which is why I dont repurchase it too often. However it does give you volume and a thicker 'feeling. A couple of my friends have tried it out and said they liked it. The ingredients list boasts a lot of natural substances which is what had me sold. A few people have experience some regrowth of hair after using Nioxin, I personally never used it long enough.....and have better results with my all time favorite Jamaican Black Castor Oil (I also have a post on that - Jamaican Black Castor Oil)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) - What an AMAZING product for hair. I have been struggling with hair loss for many years and have tried a variety of products over the years. As far as oils go this definitely surpasses them all in my opinion. JBCO is a bit thick in consistency and has a strange burnt smell so I may dilute it with coconut/almond oil (which only adds to the benefits). Or you could also slightly warm the JBCO which helps to thin it out and make application easier.
                      I usually oil my hair the night before I plan on washing it by directly applying it to the scalp (a mini scalp massage goes a long long way). Gently comb through your hair so the oil can spread. I have found that applying it to the length of hair is somewhat messy due to the consistency of the oil, and especially in my situation where my hair tends to fall out in bunches I really try and avoid any extra tugging and pulling (so I may not even comb my hair right after). Any extra oil that is left I rub it on my skin, eyebrows and eyelashes (be careful), ends of my hair.
                      The next day when I wash my hair it is UNBELIEVABLY soft, very manageable and with loads of shine. Depending on your hair type and how much oil you used - you may need to wash your hair more than once, but the results are still amazing. My hair feels so much more hydrated and the overall health of my hair and scalp is definitely noticeable. For people suffering with psoriasis or dandruff this is definitely godsend.
                     I have read a lot that castor oil helps in thickening - and I cannot exactly attest to that just yet. But it does seem to prevent thinning of the individual strands from wear and tear, shampoos, heat, etc. I have also noticed that due to the nourishing properties of JBCO along with the process of massaging it in - my hair tends to grow faster and I can also see some little fuzzies growing in :) Im extremely excited about that! It's bout damn time!!
                    Keep in mind JBCO is not a magic potion for hairloss. You need balance in all areas of your life and continual care for yourself to see results. I personally have had a very positive experience using it as one of the treatments. I cannot say enough about how great this product is, definitely something to try if you have any sort of hair/scalp problems or just want a boost.