Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) - What an AMAZING product for hair. I have been struggling with hair loss for many years and have tried a variety of products over the years. As far as oils go this definitely surpasses them all in my opinion. JBCO is a bit thick in consistency and has a strange burnt smell so I may dilute it with coconut/almond oil (which only adds to the benefits). Or you could also slightly warm the JBCO which helps to thin it out and make application easier.
                      I usually oil my hair the night before I plan on washing it by directly applying it to the scalp (a mini scalp massage goes a long long way). Gently comb through your hair so the oil can spread. I have found that applying it to the length of hair is somewhat messy due to the consistency of the oil, and especially in my situation where my hair tends to fall out in bunches I really try and avoid any extra tugging and pulling (so I may not even comb my hair right after). Any extra oil that is left I rub it on my skin, eyebrows and eyelashes (be careful), ends of my hair.
                      The next day when I wash my hair it is UNBELIEVABLY soft, very manageable and with loads of shine. Depending on your hair type and how much oil you used - you may need to wash your hair more than once, but the results are still amazing. My hair feels so much more hydrated and the overall health of my hair and scalp is definitely noticeable. For people suffering with psoriasis or dandruff this is definitely godsend.
                     I have read a lot that castor oil helps in thickening - and I cannot exactly attest to that just yet. But it does seem to prevent thinning of the individual strands from wear and tear, shampoos, heat, etc. I have also noticed that due to the nourishing properties of JBCO along with the process of massaging it in - my hair tends to grow faster and I can also see some little fuzzies growing in :) Im extremely excited about that! It's bout damn time!!
                    Keep in mind JBCO is not a magic potion for hairloss. You need balance in all areas of your life and continual care for yourself to see results. I personally have had a very positive experience using it as one of the treatments. I cannot say enough about how great this product is, definitely something to try if you have any sort of hair/scalp problems or just want a boost.

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